SEO Content Copywriting Course

1-day training course in SEO Content Writing for the Web — SCP

SEO Copywriting Training Course Overview

This SEO training course in search engine friendly web content copy writing enables web authors and copywriters to do their jobs better, by recognising the different ways in which search conditions, moulds — and even creates — the different audiences that they are trying to reach.

Having analysed the way in which search engines frame our audiences and our messages, the course goes on to examine copywriting tactics and strategies to achieve the primary goals of authorship, e.g. how to:

  • Put your messages in front of search engine users
  • Get search user's to notice your messages — among others
  • Get search engine users to read your content — on your site
  • Ensure that users identify, read, and understand your key points
  • Encourage users to endorse and refer to your content — share your messages
  • Convert search engine users into buyers, enquirers, regular visitors, etc.

This SEO copywriting course concentrates only on the unique features of writing for search — where some others merely add web window dressing to generic copy writing courses — and particularly, on new and emerging patterns of use, e.g. via mobile, social media networks, and interactive, geo-located or event-driven applications.

Course contents — 1 SEO for copywriters

  • What SEO really is
  • The opportunities it provides for copywriters
  • Why copywriting is the critical SEO skillset
  • Why print/broadcast techniques don't work
  • Why audience targeting is tricky
  • Why you need some techie ‘gobbledegook’

Course contents — 2 Search engines & social

  • How search engines gather data
  • How social media gather data
  • Machine-based content analysis
  • How SEs and SM mediate your messages
  • Get your messages through the mediation
  • How searchers compose/express queries
  • How to make your texts findable and enticing and useful and valued

Course contents — 3 Anatomy of a web page

  • Dozens of different types of text — per page
  • Many use cases and reading scenarios
  • Each with different audiences
  • Each requiring different types of content
  • Each requiring different copy writing styles
  • Practical: re-writing web pages for SEO
  • Addressing each text type to the right audience in the right way

Course contents — 4 Tagging & metadata

  • Why you really do need to know this stuff
  • Semantic elements and tagging
  • Whole page metadata
  • Dublin core & Open Graph Protocol (OGP)
  • Rich snippets metadata
  • Microformats
  • Microdata
  • RDFa

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Course Objectives

On completion of this SEO training, students will be able to:

  • Distinguish SEO copywriting skills from generic ones
  • Understand the copywriter's role in SEO
  • Understand the necessary minimum of web design 'tech'
  • Make their copy findable by search engine users
  • Write enticing and useful copy for searchers
  • Address copy to different kinds of search users
  • Enhance non-optimised copy
  • Develop a customised SEO style guide
  • Use metadata in their copy for competitive advantage

Target Audience

  • Web content copy writers and authors
  • Web marketing and communications staff
  • Web marketing and communications managers
  • Web designers and developers with copy writing responsibilities

Training Pre-requisites

  • Good general literacy
  • A positive attitude to SEO

The later is particularly important. If you can see SEO as a means to reach your intended audience, rather than as an obstacle to free expression, you'll take a lot more away from this course.

Training Style

Instructor-led, hands-on training.

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